Before you install a secondary site, you must first install a parent primary site. You can install a secondary site from the primary site by using the Configuration Manager console or using the Configuration Manager 2007 Setup program.

Because Configuration Manager 2007 clients can only be managed by primary sites, there are no configurable client agent settings displayed for secondary sites in the parent site's Configuration Manager console.

After the secondary site has been installed and the site control file has been passed to the parent site, you can see the new secondary site displayed in the Configuration Manager console under its parent site.

You must have Create permission for the site security object class to perform the following procedures. Also, the computer account of the primary site server must have administrative rights on the new secondary site server computer for primary site server initiated secondary site installations.

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How to Install a Secondary Site Using the Configuration Manager Console

Describes how to deploy a secondary site from the Configuration Manager console using the Secondary Site Wizard.
How to Install a Secondary Site Using Configuration Manager Setup

Describes how to deploy a secondary site using the Configuration Manager Setup program from the installation media.