You can configure how task sequence media should be protected on the Security page.

The Security page contains the elements described in the following table.

Settings Description

Enable unknown system support

Enables the provisioning of unknown systems for operating system deployment by Configuration Manager 2007.

Applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Protect media with a password

Enable this option to password-protect the media. Enter a password in the Password box. Verify the password by reentering it in the Confirm password box. By default, this box is enabled. If you specify a password to protect the media from unauthorized access, a user must be present at the targeted computer to enter the password.

We recommend that you protect the media with a password so that unauthorized users cannot use the media to deploy operating systems and potentially gain access to confidential information, such as credentials to join a Windows domain.

Create self-signed media certificate

If your site is running in mixed mode, you can select this option to create a self-signed certificate that will be included on the media. Use the time and date selectors to set a starting date and expiration date for the self-signed media certificate. The certificate will not be valid outside this date range. By default, these fields are populated to create a certificate valid for one year.

Import certificate

If your site is running in native mode, select this option to import a PKI-issued certificate that will be added to the boot media for client authentication and communication with the Configuration Manager 2007 site. The certificate must be in a PFX file accessible by the Configuration Manager 2007 administrator console where you are creating the media. For more information about creating and exporting certificates for use with operating system deployment media, see How to Export Certificates For Use With Operating System Deployment.

The certificate you import must be issued by a certification authority trusted by the Configuration Manager 2007 site. For more information about preparing and specifying the root certification authority, see How to Prepare the Root Certification Authority Certificates for Operating System Deployment Clients and How to Specify the Root Certification Authority Certificates for Operating System Deployment Clients.

Click Browse to locate and specify the certificate that should be added to the media, and provide the password that was used when exporting the certificate. This password is not necessarily the same as the password used to protect the media. This password will not be required when starting media.

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