The following checklist outlines the steps required to support mobile device management on Configuration Manager.


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Review the prerequisites for mobile device management.

Prerequisites for Mobile Device Management

Enable mobile device management on one or more management points.

How to Enable a Mobile Device Management Point

Enable mobile device support on one or more distribution points.

How to Enable Distribution Points to Support Mobile Devices

If you will install the mobile device client via Configuration Manager 2007 managed computer clients, distribute the hardware inventory extension to client computers.

How to Distribute Inventory Extension to Client Desktop Computers for Mobile Device Management

Configure the mobile device client agent for your environment.

How to Configure the Mobile Device Client Agent

Edit the DMCommonInstaller.ini file or ClientSettings.ini file for your environment.

  • The DMCommonInstaller.ini file is used to install the mobile device client via synchronization with a Configuration Manager 2007 managed computer.

  • The ClientSettings.ini is used to manually install or update a mobile device.

How to Edit the Mobile Device Client Configuration .ini File

Create a source folder for mobile device client deployment that contains the files required to install or upgrade the mobile device client.

How to Create a Folder for Mobile Device Client Deployment

Deploy the mobile device client source folder to install or upgrade the mobile device client agent on mobile devices.

How to Install or Upgrade the Mobile Device Management Client

Verify the mobile device client was successfully installed or upgraded.

How to Verify Mobile Device Client Installation or Upgrade

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