The Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Power Computer Details report displays detailed information about the power capabilities, power settings, and power plans applied to a specified computer. This report is called by the Power Computer Activity by Computer report, the Power Computers with Multiple Power Plans report, the Power Capabilities report and the Power Settings Details report. It is not designed to be run directly by the site administrator.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Report Parameters

Specify the following required and optional parameters for this report.

Required Parameters for this Report

The following parameters must be specified to run this report.

Parameter Name Description

Computer name

Enter a computer name for which you want a report.

Power mode

From the drop down list, select the type of power settings you want to display in the report results. Select Plugged In to view the power settings configured for when the computer is plugged in and On Battery to view the power settings configured for when the computer is running on battery power.

Hidden Parameters for this Report

This report has no hidden parameters you can set.

Report Links

This report does not link to any other power management reports.

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