When computers running the Configuration Manager 2007 console do not have Internet access, before the updates can be added to a deployment package and deployed to clients, software updates must be manually downloaded and copied to a network shared folder accessible to the computer. After the software update is available on a network shared folder, the update is added to a deployment package in the Download Updates Wizard, Deploy Software Updates Wizard, or Update List Wizard.

The following procedure provides the steps necessary to download a software update to a network shared folder.

To download a software update to a network shared folder

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Updates / Update Repository.

  2. Specify the software update to be downloaded. For more information, see How to Find Software Updates in Configuration Manager.

  3. Click the Content Information tab to display the Internet path to the source file for each supported language for the software update.

    To copy the row of text that contains the source file location, click the row, press CTRL-C on the row to copy it to the clipboard, paste the text to the Web browser, and then remove all text other than the source path.
  4. Enter the source file path in a Web browser on a computer that has Internet access, and download the file to a location on the network that is accessible to the site server.

  5. From a computer running the Configuration Manager console, use the Download Updates Wizard to package the software update. Follow the wizard to the Download Location page, select Download software updates from a location on the local network, and then enter the network shared folder or local folder that contains the software update source file. Click Browse to open the Browse to Folder dialog box.

    Alternatively, the Deploy Software Updates Wizard can be used to download the update and then deploy it, or the Update List Wizard can be used to download the update and then add it to an update list.

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