The Available Software Updates dialog box in Configuration Manager 2007 displays all software updates that are available for installation on client computers. The following information is displayed:

<Software update name>

Specifies the software updates that are available for installation. Select the updates to install. Multiple software updates can be selected. By default, all mandatory software updates are automatically selected.
Schedule Installation

Opens the Updates tab of the Systems Management Properties where you can specify whether to install required software updates on a recurring schedule.

Initiates the installation for all software updates that have been selected. The Available Software Updates dialog box closes, and a software updates installation progress dialog box appears. The Install button is enabled when a software update has been selected for install.
Restart Now

Specifies that a system restart should be initiated. This option is available only when a software update is in the Pending restart state.

Closes the Available Software Updates dialog box. Any installs that have been previously initiated will not be interrupted by closing the dialog box.

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