The following troubleshooting information can be used to help troubleshoot Configuration Manager 2007 Setup issues.

The Stand-Alone Setup Prerequisite Checker Fails to Verify Installation Prerequisites on SQL Server Named Instances

When running the Setup Prerequisite Checker from the Configuration Manager 2007 installation splash screen (splash.hta) to verify installation prerequisites for SQL Server named instances, you receive the following error:

There was an error with the specified hostname. You must specify a valid NetBIOS hostname.


This is a known issue. To verify installation prerequisites before beginning Configuration Manager Setup, you must do so manually or use the /Prereq Setup command-line option. To use the /Prereq Setup command-line option to verify installation prerequisites for SQL Server named instances, use the following command:

Setup /Prereq /Pri /SQL <SQL Server Name\Instance Name>.

During site installation, the Setup Prerequisite Checker, run as part of the Configuration Manager Setup Wizard, is capable of verifying required Setup prerequisites on SQL Server named instances.

Setup Fails to Install SMS Provider Components

When using the Configuration Manager Setup Wizard to install a Configuration Manager 2007 primary site, setup might fail when attempting to install SMS Provider components and display an error dialog. When the SMS Provider installation error dialog is closed, the Configuration Manager Setup Wizard exits automatically. The ConfigMgrSetup.log file may also record an entry similar to the following:

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<date time>CompileMOFFile: Failed to compile MOF <install dir\i386\smsRprt.mof, error -2147217407


This error usually occurs when attempting to install the site database on a remote SQL Server named instance configured to use a domain user account to run the SQL Server service.

This error results from incorrect Active Directory service principal name (SPN) registration of the SQL Server service account for the SQL Server named instance.

To resolve this error, use the following procedure.

To resolve Configuration Manager Setup SMS Provider installation failure

  1. Start the Configuration Manager Setup Wizard, and select the Uninstall a Configuration Manager site server option to uninstall Configuration Manager components that were installed as part of the failed setup.

  2. Register a Service Principal Name (SPN) for the domain user account configured to run the SQL Server service for the remote SQL Server named instance. For more information about registering an SPN for the SQL Server service account, see How to Configure an SPN for SQL Server Site Database Servers.

    Both the NetBIOS name and the FQDN name for the SQL Server computer must be registered during SQL Server service account SPN registration.
  3. Restart Configuration Manager Setup, and continue with Configuration Manager primary site installation.

Setup Fails to Communicate with a Remotely Installed SQL Server Named Instance

When installing Configuration Manager, you might receive the following error: Could not connect or execute SQL query. This issue can occur for several reasons, including the following:

  • The remote SQL Server computer specified to host the site database is not online.

  • The user account running Configuration Manager Setup is not a member of the SQL Server instance sysadmin database role.

    By default, local administrators are automatically added to the sysadmin database role of the SQL Server instance. However, a SQL Server best practice is to remove the Builtin\Administrators group from the SQL Server sysadmin database role.
  • The remote SQL Server SQL Server Browser service is not started.


This issue can usually be resolved by taking one of the following actions:

  • Ensure the remote SQL Server is online and accessible over the network.

  • Add the domain user account configured to run the SQL Server service for the SQL Server instance to the local administrators group on the remote SQL Server computer, or add the account to the sysadmin database role of the SQL Server instance if the Builtin\Administrators group has been removed from the sysadmin database role of the SQL Server instance specified to install the site database.

  • Enable the SQL Server Browser service on the remote SQL Server computer. The SQL Server browser service is required to enumerate installed SQL Server instances remotely.

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