In Resource Explorer, the Hardware History node contains client hardware inventory reporting information that has changed since the previous hardware inventory report was processed for a client as well as the most current inventory information for the changed class only.

If hardware inventory information for a reporting class has changed since a previous inventory was taken, you can view the previously reported information for a class by expanding the display name for the reporting class under the Hardware History node. To view what is currently being reported for the inventory class click Current. To view previously reported information, click the previous inventory reports displayed by the date and time the previous report was received.

For example, if a new hard drive has been added to a system since the previous inventory, both hard drives will be visible in the Hardware node of Resource Explorer, while the information for only one hard drive will be visible in the Hardware History node under previous inventory reporting information. You can click Current under the inventory report class in the Hardware History node to see what is currently being reported for a class and then compare it to the information inventoried at a previous date and time before the most current inventory was taken.

Previous hardware inventory history information remains displayed in Resource Explorer until it is deleted by the Delete Aged Inventory History predefined site maintenance task.

Configuration Manager keeps historical hardware inventory reporting information for the number of days you specify in the Delete Aged Inventory History site maintenance task. For more information about this task see, Delete Aged Inventory History Task Overview.

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