Subcollections provide a means within Configuration Manager 2007 uses to link collections together, for administrative convenience or to emulate the structure of your enterprise by separating out organizational units. All subcollections are, by their nature, collections, so the tools used to manage collections, are also applicable to subcollections. This section provides links to those additional tasks specific to managing subcollections within Configuration Manager.

When creating an advertisement, Configuration Manager includes subcollections as well as collections by default. You should review this option to avoid including undesirable subcollections in an advertisement.

Click the related link for detailed information about the associated subcollections management task.

In This Section

How to Create a Subcollection

Specifies how to create a subcollection within Configuration Manager, either by creating a link to an existing collection, or by creating an entirely new subcollection.
How to Delete a Subcollection

Specifies how to delete a subcollection from Configuration Manager.

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