Also called SMS Reporting Users group, this group controls access to the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Reports Web site.

Required Rights and Permissions

The reporting point folders are located under the directory where Internet Information Services is installed, by default, <windir>\inetpub under wwwroot. Configuration Manager 2007 requires the following permissions on both the SMSComponent folder and on the folder you specified when you created the reporting point, by default, SMSReporting_<sitecode>.

  • Read & Execute

  • List Folder Contents

  • Read

The Reporting Users group also requires the following DCOM permissions on the reporting point:

  • Local launch

  • Remote launch

  • Local activation

  • Remote activation


The group is automatically created on any computer running the reporting point role.


If the reporting point is a member server, it is a local group. If the reporting point is a domain controller, it is a domain local group.


By default, the Reporting Users group does not have any members.

Any non-administrator user who needs to access reports at that reporting point should be a member of this group. Members of the Administrators group automatically have the required permissions to view the reports and do not need to be added to this group.

For a user or a group to access one or more reporting point servers, that user or group must be a member of the SMS Reporting Users group on the desired reporting point servers.

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