Topic last updated—November 2007

Deployment packages in Configuration Manager 2007 can be created when creating a deployment in the Deploy Software Updates Wizard or when downloading software updates in the Download Updates Wizard or Update List Wizard. When software updates are downloaded to a deployment package, the package process is initiated twice. The first time through this process, the deployment package is created or updated. At the same time, the software update files are downloaded to the package source and the updates that have already been downloaded are copied to the distribution points. Then the process ends. The remaining update files are downloaded to the package source, and when the download process completes for all updates, a package refresh is initiated.

The second time through the deployment package process, the package is updated and the rest of the update files are copied to distribution points.

For information about how the deployment package process integrates with the software update deployment process, see Software Update Deployment Process Flowchart.

This flowchart provides the detailed steps for when a software updates deployment package is created or updated in Configuration Manager 2007.

Software Updates Deployment Package Flowchart

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