The administrator console has been updated for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. Several key features now have home pages that summarize information about that feature, including graphs and reports that you can access from the home page.

The following section lists some new features in the Configuration Manager 2007 console.

Multithreaded Console Operation

In SMS 2003, the SMS Administrator console was single threaded and you could be blocked from completing actions in one snap-in while an action completed, so it was useful to connect multiple times to the same site in one MMC window and then switch between them as needed.

In Configuration Manager 2007 you can connect only one time to the same site in an MMC window, but because the Configuration Manager 2007 console is multi-threaded, it can perform several actions simultaneously, eliminating the need to switch when an action is running.

Drag and Drop

It is now possible in Configuration Manager 2007 to drag some objects to other objects. For example, you can drop a program onto a collection to create an advertisement. For more information, see About Drag-and-Drop Support in the Configuration Manager Console.

Administration Feature Pack Integration

The Transfer Site Settings Wizard and Manage Site Accounts tool were available as part of the Administration Feature Pack for SMS 2003 but in Configuration Manager 2007 they are installed by default.

To run the Transfer Site Settings Wizard

  1. In the Configuration Manager console navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / <site code> - <site name>.

  2. Right-click <site code> - <site name> and then click Transfer Site Settings.

    You can also start the wizard by right-clicking the Collections or Packages nodes.

After you have exported an XML file from the Transfer Site Settings Wizard, you can use the command line version of the Transfer Site Settings Wizard, Replstcfg.exe, to import or transfer settings to a different site. Replstcfg.exe is located in <ConfigurationManagerInstallDirectory>\AdminUI\bin.

In Configuration Manager 2007 if you need to transfer settings to a site in an untrusted forest, you must either log on with an account that exists in both forests with the same user name and password, or you must export the settings from the first site and then import, but not transfer, the settings on the destination site. The user name and password options available in the SMS 2003 command line tool have been removed so it is no longer possible to transfer the settings to an untrusted forest with Replstcfg.exe.

You can use the Manage Site Accounts tool (MSAC.exe) through the command-line interface to quickly and easily update, create, verify, delete, and list user-defined Windows accounts for your Configuration Manager 2007 sites. The Manage Site Accounts tool is located in <ConfigurationManagerInstallDirectory>\AdminUI\bin.

Folder Replication

When you create a folder in a parent site, it automatically replicates to the child sites.

New Wizards for Object Creation

Several new wizards have been added to facilitate object creation.

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