Many organizations that operate internationally or across linguistic barriers must support multiple languages on their site systems and clients. To address this need, Configuration Manager 2007 provides several features to help you centrally manage your international Configuration Manager 2007 site hierarchy and facilitate the flow of information within sites.

Multiple character set support

For example, Configuration Manager 2007 supports both double-byte character sets (DBCS) and single-byte character sets (SBCS) so that you can display and manage both Asian-language and European-language site servers and clients from within the same Configuration Manager 2007 site hierarchy. DBCS character sets include East Asia languages such as Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean. Configuration Manager 2007 offers seven server user interfaces, four of which are fully localized - that is, fully translated into the target language - and client user interfaces in 22 languages. With Configuration Manager 2007, you can centrally manage the desktop computers in your international organization, facilitating the flow of information within organizational units.

Localized interface

A localized interface is one that has been adapted to a specific international market or locale. Configuration Manager 2007 is considered fully localized with respect to the target language when all Configuration Manager 2007 user interfaces, dialog boxes, and messages to the user are translated into the supported language. Configuration Manager 2007 supports the display of the language using the correct character set, fonts, and regional options for a target language.

Enabled interface

An enabled interface is one enabled to display and process DBCS/extended characters. A Configuration Manager 2007 console displays data from a localized client, but the interface is not translated to the target language. For example, the Korean-language version of Configuration Manager 2007 is enabled to display and process Korean characters, such as the name of a discovered logon user name. But because it is not localized, the Configuration Manager 2007 console is in English, not Korean. The administrator must navigate the menu and dialog text in English. The English-language Configuration Manager 2007 site server and client versions run on, and are supported by, any localized operating system. The localized versions of Configuration Manager 2007 site servers and clients are supported only by their matching localized operating systems.

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