With the exception of the Heartbeat Discovery method, all configurable discovery methods in Configuration Manager 2007 must be enabled before they can be used to "discover" resources on a network. Each method can also be disabled using the same procedure used to enable it. Once a discovery method has been enabled, it also needs to be configured to your specific discovery needs.

Heartbeat discovery comes enabled with the installation of Configuration Manager 2007 and does not need to be enabled. Although it can be disabled using this procedure, it is strongly recommended that you do not do so, as this method is automatic and used primarily to ensure that data discovery records (DDRs) are up to date, rather than to discover new resources.

To enable a discovery method

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / <site name> / Site Settings / Discovery Methods.

  2. Right-click the discovery method that you want to enable and then click Properties.

  3. On the General tab, select the Enable <discovery method> check box.

    If this check box is already selected, the discovery method can be disabled by clearing the check box.
  4. Click OK.

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