Use the Search for Resources page in the Configuration Manager 2007 Create Direct Membership Rule Wizard to provide a means for searching for the resources that you want to add as direct members of a collection.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.

UI Element List

Name Description

Resource class

Specifies the resource class in which to search for the resource to add as a direct member of the collection.

Attribute name

Specifies the name of the attribute to search for within the selected resource class. The selection of attributes changes depending on the resource class chosen.

Exclude obsolete packages

Specifies whether obsolete packages should not be included as potential members of the collection. This option is only available for the System Resource class.


Specifies the attribute value to search for.

If you are searching for a string value, use the percent character (%) as a wildcard character to match multiple strings or to allow partial string matching.


Goes to the previous page of the wizard.


Goes to the next page of the wizard.


Goes to the Summary page of the wizard.


Discards the settings and exits the wizard.

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