To modify a configuration item in Configuration Manager 2007 you have created, you can edit its properties from within the Configuration Manager console. However, configuration items that are imported or inherited from a parent site cannot be directly edited, and their properties display as read-only in the Configuration Manager console. If you want to modify a configuration item you have imported, create either a duplicate or child configuration item, and then edit the properties of the new configuration item.

Some imported configuration items might contain information that is in a valid format but that the Configuration Manager console is unable to interpret and therefore does not display. There are two scenarios where this happens:

If some of the contents of the configuration item cannot be interpreted, the configuration item cannot be duplicated and the Duplicate option will not be available for that configuration item. Although you cannot duplicate these imported configuration items, you will be able to create a child configuration item from them. This allows you to add new properties to the child configuration item, which the Configuration Manager console can interpret and displays.

If none of the information in the imported configuration item can be interpreted by the Configuration Manager console, the configuration item cannot be duplicated and you will not be able to create a child configuration item from it. In this scenario, the Configuration Manager displays the configuration items as an uninterpreted general configuration item, and Create Child Configuration Item option will not be available when it is selected.

In both scenarios where the Configuration Manager console cannot interpret the configuration information, you can still add these configuration items to configuration baselines. Client computers will interpret the values correctly and include all the information in the configuration item when they evaluate their compliance

You cannot edit software updates configuration items. These configuration items display under the Software Updates node and not the Desired Configuration Management node. As such, software updates configuration items cannot be edited, deleted, or duplicated, and you cannot create child configuration items from them.

To edit a configuration item

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Desired Configuration Management / Configuration Items.

  2. Right-click the configuration item you want to edit, and then click Properties.

    If you cannot immediately see the configuration item you want to edit, you can use the columns to help you locate it by sorting on one of its properties, such as name or category.
  3. Make the change to the configuration item, and click OK.

    For information about each property tab and option, see Configuration Item Properties.

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