The Configuration Manager 2007 Configuration Item Properties dialog box displays information about configuration items imported with the Import Configuration Data Wizard or created with one of the following wizards:

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Configuration Item Properties: General Tab

Specifies the name and description of the configuration item and displays the properties and assigned categories.
Configuration Item Properties: Windows Version Tab

Specifies the Windows version information required by the operating system configuration item.
Configuration Item Properties: Objects Tab

Specifies the objects that you want to include in the configuration item. Examples of configuration item objects are files, folders, and registry keys.
Configuration Item Properties: Settings Tab

Specifies settings and their validation criteria to include in the configuration item. Examples of configuration item settings are those which define values to be validated from Active Directory Domain Services, the registry, and scripts.
Configuration Item Properties: Detection Method Tab

Specifies the method by which the application will be detected on client computers. Applicable to application configuration items only.
Configuration Item Properties: Applicability Tab

Applicable to application configuration items and general configuration items only. Specifies that the configuration item is applicable to the selected Windows platforms only.
Configuration Item Properties: Relationships Tab

Displays which configuration baselines reference the configuration item, and displays any parent or child relationships with other configuration items.
Properties - Security Tab

Specifies the class and instance security for the configuration item.

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