Use the Advanced SMS 2003 Deployment Properties dialog box in Configuration Manager 2007 to configure advanced deployment properties for Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 clients. This dialog box is opened from the SMS 2003 Settings tab in the properties for a deployment.

This dialog box contains the following elements:

Hide Deployments from SMS 2003 client computers

Specifies that all software updates deployed to SMS 2003 client computers hidden when they are received and installed. Use this setting to deploy software updates to SMS 2003 computers without any display notifications or notification area icons. By default, this setting is not enabled.
Mandatory assignments

Specifies the one time or recurring schedule for the software update advertisement. When the advertisement runs on the configured recurrence schedule, the software update is reinstalled if it is no longer installed on SMS 2003 clients. Click the New icon to open the Custom Schedule dialog box and configure the start time and schedule. By default, the advertisement uses the site-wide deployment reevaluation schedule that is configured in the properties for the Software Updates Client Agent.
Enforce start time and maximum installation time

Specifies whether the software updates are automatically installed on SMS 2003 clients at the configured start time and whether the maximum installation time is enforced.Maximum installation time (minutes): Specifies the maximum time, in minutes, that the software update installation is expected to run on SMS 2003 client computers. When the software update advertisement runs, it checks for the schedule time and whether the maximum installation time is configured. If the current time is greater than the schedule time plus the maximum installation time, then the advertisement does not run the installation.

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