The Configuration Manager 2007 Program Download Required dialog box is displayed when your client computer receives an advertisement that requires you to download a program before running it.

Properties button

Opens the Program Properties dialog box for the program.
The following programs will be downloaded and run first

Specifies any programs that the program to be downloaded must run on your client computer before it will run. This list will only be visible if the program has any child programs upon which it is dependent.
Run all programs automatically when downloads complete

Specifies whether the program and all child programs that must be run first will be automatically run as soon as they are downloaded. If this check box is cleared, you will be asked to run each individual program. This check box is cleared by default.
Download button

Starts the download of the advertised program. If it requires other programs to be downloaded and run, this will be done automatically when this button is clicked.
Cancel button

Cancels any download options selected and closes the dialog box.

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