This checklist outlines the steps that should be taken to deploy Configuration Manager 2007 sites. It is intended to provide a high-level list of items to consider when deploying Configuration Manager 2007 sites.

Configuration Manager Deployment Steps

The following checklist provides the steps to deploy a Configuration Manager 2007 site hierarchy:

Step Reference

Review the planning information and decisions made during the preplanning and planning phases.

Configuration Manager Preplanning Phase

Configuration Manager Planning Phase

Verify the planned hierarchy design.

The test lab created during the planning phase.

Pilot deployment.

Small, controlled segment of the production network.

After the hierarchy design has been validated, deploy the first Configuration Manager 2007 site, and if planned, the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy. The information gathered, and decisions made during the preplanning and planning phases are used to determine which of the three Configuration Manager 2007 deployment methods that will be used.

Decide If You Should Upgrade or Perform a New Installation

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