Topic last updated -- November 2007

Before you begin installing Configuration Manager 2007, be sure that your systems meet the supported configurations for installing Configuration Manager 2007. For more information about Configuration Manager 2007 supported configuration requirements, see Configuration Manager Supported Configurations.

It is recommended that you complete the planning and deployment checklists for Configuration Manager 2007 before beginning the installation process to ensure that you are fully prepared to complete the configuration steps during the setup process. For more information about the planning and deployment checklists for Configuration Manager 2007, see Configuration Manager Planning Checklist and Configuration Manager Deployment Checklist.

Installing Configuration Manager in your production environment without proper planning is unlikely to result in a functioning site that meets your business needs and security requirements, and is therefore not recommended.

For more information about setup option planning considerations, see Configuration Manager Single Site Planning and Deployment.

To set up a new Configuration Manager 2007 site, you can use either the Configuration Manager 2007 Setup Wizard or perform an unattended installation using a scripted installation method.

When using the Configuration Manager 2007 Setup Wizard, there are two options for installing new Configuration Manager 2007 sites: simple setup and custom setup. In most cases, simple setup should be used for evaluation purposes only. Custom setup allows greater flexibility in configuring site system and client agent settings. Regardless of the installation option you choose, you can review all of the information that you enter at the Setup Wizard summary page before any changes are made to your system. After you have verified that the setup options are correct, the system will be checked to verify that all installation prerequisites are met. For a complete list of installation prerequisite rules and descriptions, see Setup Prerequisite Checks.

To perform unattended installations of new Configuration Manager 2007 primary or secondary sites and Configuration Manager consoles, you can create an initialization file and use the Setup command /script option. The initialization file supplies the same kind of information that the Setup Wizard prompts for except that there are no default settings. All values must be specified for the setup keys that apply to the type of installation you are using.

It is not supported to change the program files installation directory, site code or site description for the site after Setup has completed. To change the installation directory, site code, or site name, the site must be uninstalled and installed using the new values.

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