The Capture Operating System Image Account is used by Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to access the folder where captured images are stored when using the operating system deployment feature. This account is required if you add the step Capture Operating System Image to a task sequence.

Required Permissions

The account must have Read and Write permissions on the network share where the captured image is to be stored.

Account and Password Creation

The Configuration Manager 2007 administrator creates the account and manages the password.

Account Location

For ease of administration, this account is usually a domain user account, though it can be any account having the required permissions.

Account Maintenance

The Configuration Manager 2007 administrator performs all necessary account maintenance. If the account is modified or the password is changed in the account database, the account properties must also be modified in the Task Sequence Editor.

If the administrator changes the password for the account and updates the task sequence with the new password, the client will pick up the new password on the next policy refresh.

Security Best Practices

If you need accounts for your task sequences, you can create one domain user account with minimal permissions to access the required network resources and use it for all task sequence accounts.

Do not assign this account interactive logon permissions.

Do not use the Network Access account for this account.

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