The Distribution Points node allows you to copy a new package to a distribution point, update an existing package on a distribution point, or manage a distribution point.

The distribution points that have been created are displayed in a list in the Distribution Points results pane. The Name column is used as the default sort order. The following columns are displayed by default:

You can filter the distribution points that are displayed in the Distribution Points pane using the four filter actions located above the list.

Look For

Enter all or part of an operating system image package name, or use the drop-down list to select from existing filter criteria.
Search In

Select the column to use when applying the filter criteria.
Find Now

Click Find Now to run the filter.

Click Clear to remove the filter and display the entire list.

You can select the following default actions grouped under Distribution Points in the Actions pane. You can collapse the default actions by clicking the up arrow in the Operating System Images section header

Name Description

New Distribution Points

Starts the New Distribution Point Wizard, which allows you to copy a new package to a distribution point. Select this option if this is the first time you have copied this package to the distribution point.

Update Distribution Points

Replaces an existing package version with an updated package version. This option is helpful when an existing package has been modified. Click Yes to confirm the package update.

Manage Distribution Points

Starts the Manage Distribution Points Wizard, which allows you to copy, remove, update, or refresh packages on a distribution point or points. This wizard combines the functionality of the other two wizards, but it also allows for deletion of unneeded packages and the refreshing of packages that are no longer functional.

Refresh Distribution Points

Select this option to resend this package to the distribution point.


Select this item to delete the distribution point.


Select this item to display general properties for the distribution point, and to set class security on that node.