Topic last updated—November 2007

When messages are displayed by Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 ConfigMgr Status Message Viewer, they are read from a file (%temp%\SVRxxxxx.tmp) on the site server that is written when the query runs. If the query returns a high number of results, it is possible that this file could exceed the amount of available disk space on the site server. If your Configuration Manager 2007 site server is low on disk space, consider specifying status message queries carefully to limit the results returned.

Another method of limiting the results returned by a query is to select the option Limit messages returned from query on the General tab of the Status Viewer Options dialog box. You can find a suitable limit by examining the size of the file %temp%\SVRxxxxx.tmp using different values in this field.

Messages are returned from the Configuration Manager 2007 site database asynchronously. Therefore, if a query returns 10,000 messages but the limit is set to 5,000, the 5,000 messages displayed are a random sample of the 10,000 returned.

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