Performing weekly maintenance is important to ensure proper site operations. A weekly maintenance log should be maintained to document dates that maintenance was conducted, by whom, and any maintenance related comments about the task conducted.

Common Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Some common weekly maintenance tasks are listed below. Add any other maintenance tasks as needed to your weekly maintenance log:

  • Verify that predefined maintenance tasks scheduled to run weekly are running successfully.

  • Delete unnecessary files from site systems.

  • Produce and distribute end-user reports if required.

  • Back up application, security, and system event logs and clear them.

  • Check the site database size and verify that there is enough available disk space on the site database server to allow the site database to grow.

  • Perform SQL Server database maintenance on the site database according to your SQL Server maintenance plan.

  • Check available disk space on all site systems.

  • Run disk defragmentation tools on all site systems.

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