Wake On LAN in Configuration Manager 2007 has both external dependencies and dependencies within the product.

Dependencies External to Configuration Manager 2007

Dependency More Information

Network cards must support the standard Magic Packet format.

All network cards that have the Windows Logo certificate support this Magic Packet format.

Computers must be configured for wake-up packets on the network card and in the computer BIOS.

Refer to your hardware vendor's documentation for information about how to configure this and the wake-up capabilities of the computer.

If you are using Wake On LAN with subnet-directed broadcast, all routers between the site server and target computers must allow IP directed broadcasts, and support IPv4.

Typically, routers are configured to not allow subnet-directed broadcast.

Subnet-directed broadcasts are not supported with IPv6.

Configuration Manager 2007 Dependencies

Dependency More Information

Hardware inventory must be enabled, and completed an inventory schedule.

About Collecting Hardware Inventory

How to Configure Hardware Inventory for a Site

The Configuration Manager site must be a primary site.

You can configure child primary sites for Wake On LAN, but not secondary sites. Clients in secondary sites will be sent wake-up packets from their assigned primary site.

Client computers must be running the Configuration Manager 2007 client.

Clients running Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 do not support Wake On LAN.

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