To remove the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 mobile device client from mobile devices, deploy a client package with a .ini file containing the ClientInstallAction=Uninstall value setting.

A client uninstall package can be created and deployed to Configuration Manager 2007 managed mobile devices in the following ways:

When the package runs the mobile device client will be uninstalled from the mobile device.

Use the following steps to remove the mobile device client.


To remove the mobile device client

  1. Create or copy a mobile device client deployment folder that targets the mobile device platform you want to uninstall. For more information, see How to Create a Folder for Mobile Device Client Deployment.

  2. Edit the ClientSettings.ini with an ASCII text editor such as notepad.exe. Specify ClientInstallAction=Uninstall. For more information, see How to Edit the Mobile Device Client Configuration .ini File and Mobile Device Client Configuration Values for DMCommonInstaller.ini and ClientSettings.ini.

  3. Deploy and uninstall the mobile device client by one of the following methods:

When the package is run on the mobile device the mobile device client will be uninstalled.

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