The Upgrade Secondary Site Wizard helps you to upgrade Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 sites or reinstall Configuration Manager 2007 secondary sites directly beneath the primary site that the wizard is started on.

Secondary sites cannot be upgraded unless they have successfully completed the Configuration Manager Setup prerequisite check with no errors within the past seven days.

Upgrade Secondary Site Wizard Pages

The Upgrade Secondary Site Wizard consists of three pages and functions as described in the following table:

Page Description

Welcome Page

Welcomes you to the Upgrade Secondary Site Wizard.

Secondary Site Selection Page

Use this page to select a single site or multiple secondary sites beneath the current primary site to upgrade.

Installation Source Files Page

When upgrading a secondary site, you must choose one of the following installation source file options:

  • Copy installation source files over the network from the parent site server. Select this option to have the primary site server send installation source files to the secondary site server computer before initiating the upgrade process.

  • Install the source files from compact disc or a compact disc image on a local disk or removable media at the secondary site server. Select this option to reduce network bandwidth usage between site servers.

    This option requires that the installation source files be located at the root of a disk drive located on the secondary site server computer.

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