Topic last updated—November 2007

The collections feature in Configuration Manager 2007 introduces a number of new features designed to help you to manage client computers in your organization.

The following section lists some of the new or improved features.

Collection-Based Client Policy Interval

Collections in Configuration Manager 2007 can be configured with a policy polling interval that overrides the site-wide client policy interval configured in the Computer Client Agent Properties: General Tab. Computers in the collection will receive the latest client policy according to the value configured for the option Policy polling interval (minutes) in the Collection Name Settings: Advanced Tab.

When a client is member of multiple collections that have different policy polling intervals specified, the client uses the shortest configured interval.

For more information, see About Collection-Specific Settings.

Maintenance Windows

Maintenance windows in Configuration Manager 2007 allow the administrator to specify a time period in which changes can be made on computers that are members of a collection. This provides a means for the administrator to restrict changes to computers in the organization to periods when these changes will have the least impact. Maintenance windows for a collection are specified in the Collection Name Settings: Maintenance Windows Tab.

For more information, see About Maintenance Windows.

Collection Based Task Sequence Variables

You can specify task sequence variables for a collection of computers. All task sequences targeted to the collection can access the task sequence variable and its associated value. For more information about task sequence variables, see About Task Sequence Variables.

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