A Configuration Manager 2007 site recovery is required whenever a Configuration Manager 2007 site is installed with a site code or site server name that was previously used in the hierarchy. Repairing and re-synchronizing data are the core tasks of a site recovery, and are required to prevent interruption of operations and corruption of data.

Configuration Manager 2007 provides several recovery and repair tools to help you quickly and reliably complete tasks essential to restoring regular site operations.

The recovery and repair tools allow you to carry out certain commands to override existing configuration settings without having to directly access low-level data. Used correctly, these tools can greatly simplify certain site repair and recovery tasks, reduce the risks involved in editing low-level data, and enable operations that are not available through other methods.

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Understanding the Effects of a Site Failure

Before you start to evaluate recovery options for your site you must understand the impact of a site failure.
About the Site Repair Wizard

The Configuration Manager Repair Wizard automates the steps required for a recovery process and provides relief from error-prone, repetitive, or technically complex recovery tasks.
Hierarchy Maintenance Tool (Preinst.exe)

The Hierarchy Maintenance tool (preinst.exe) is a command-line tool that you can use to pass commands to the Hierarchy Manager while the Hierarchy Manager is running. It can help you diagnose problems in a site, repair a site, or stop all site services.
About Recovering Central Sites

Describes unique considerations for recovering central sites.
The tasks associated with site recovery and repair are complex. Failure to use the recovery tools appropriately can significantly interrupt site operations or cause an unrecoverable loss of data.

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