Topic last updated -- August 2007

This section provides troubleshooting information to help you resolve issues when installing clients in Configuration Manager 2007.

For more information about installing clients in Configuration Manager 2007, see Administrator Checklist: Deploying Configuration Manager Clients.

Clients Fail to Install Using Client Push Because Windows Firewall Blocks Installation

If Configuration Manager 2007 clients are running Windows Firewall, client push installation can fail if the Windows Firewall is not configured appropriately. Because packets are blocked from the client, no information is sent to the fallback status point and client logs do not contain any data.


In order to successfully use client push to install Configuration Manager 2007 clients, add the following as exceptions to the Windows Firewall:

  • File and Printer Sharing

  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

For more information, see Windows Firewall Settings for Configuration Manager Clients.

Systems Management Icon Does Not Appear on Client Computers

The Systems Management icon does not appear on Configuration Manager 2007 client computers.


Configuration Manager 2007 clients have a new icon, which is now called Configuration Manager, and displays as follows:

Configuration Manager client icon   The Configuration Manager client icon that replaces the Systems Management icon from SMS 2003.

Use this icon for all procedures that relate to the Configuration Manager 2007 client and are performed on the client computer.

For more information about the changes since SMS 2003, see What's New in Client Deployment for Configuration Manager.

Client Installation Fails During Group Policy Installation if CCMSetup Fails to Retrieve Installation Properties from Active Directory Domain Services

If you install a client with the Group Policy installation method and the client cannot contact Active Directory Domain Services to retrieve installation properties, client installation will fail and will not retry. A possible reason for this could be that boundaries for the Configuration Manager 2007 site are incorrectly defined which results in site assignment failing because a site cannot be found that matches the client's network location.


Remedy the reason for the client installation failure and re-publish the Group Policy to reinstall the client.

Clients Fail to Install Using the Software Update Point Installation Method

Likely reasons for software update point installations to fail are the following:

  • Active Directory Group Policy is overriding the location of the site's software update point.

  • The site's software update point is not configured correctly.


For more information about how to install clients using a software update point, see How to Install Configuration Manager Clients Using Software Update Point Based Installation.

For more information about installing and configuring a software update point, see Planning for the Software Update Point Installation.

Clients Fail to Install after a Running Dcpromo.exe on a Management Point Server

If you run the dcpromo.exe command on a Windows 2003 Server hosting a Configuration Manager 2007 management point, the management point might stop responding to client requests.

The following entry appears in mpcontrol.log on the site server:

Http test request failed, status code is 401, 'Unauthorized'


Reinstall the management point.

It is not recommended best practice to install a Configuration Manager 2007 management point on a domain controller. For more information, see Best Practices for Securing Site Systems.

Clients Fail to Install Because the Management Point is Not Operational

All clients in a site fail to be managed if their default management point is not operational because of an unsupported configuration or missing dependencies on the management point.


Ensure that the management point has the required dependencies in the section "General Site Server Prerequisites" in the following topic: Prerequisites for Installing Configuration Manager.

Also reference Configuration Manager Supported Configurations to verify that you running in a supported environment.

Consider manually running the Configuration Manager 2007 Setup Prerequisite Checker to identify any missing dependencies for the management point.

For more information about running the Setup Prerequisite Checker, see How to Start the Setup Prerequisite Checker.

SMS 2003 Client Fails to Install on Management Point in Configuration Manager 2007 Site

To support upgrade scenarios, a server that is running the SMS 2003 client can be configured as a management point in a Configuration Manager 2007 site. Both the management point and the client will function correctly, although upgrading the client to Configuration Manager 2007 after upgrading the site will allow you to benefit from the new client functionality.

However, after the site has been upgraded to Configuration Manager 2007, do not install the SMS 2003 client on the management point. The client installation will fail and display the following error: A newer version of the SMS Management Point is installed. Cannot continue installing this version of the client. The following errors are logged to CCMSetup.log:

  • MSI: A newer version of the SMS Management Point is installed. Cannot continue installing this version of the client

  • Installation failed with error code 1603

For more information about client log files, see Log Files for Managing Configuration Manager Clients.


Install the Configuration Manager 2007 client on a management point in a Configuration Manager 2007 site. Alternatively, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Configuration Manager 2007 management point. For procedural information, see How to Delete Site System Roles From Site Systems.

  2. Reinstall the SMS 2003 client.

  3. Reinstall the management point. For procedural information, see How to Install a Management Point.

Hardware Inventory Scan Fails on Windows 2000 Clients after Upgrade from SMS 2003 SP2

When a client computer is upgraded from SMS 2003 Service Pack 2 to Configuration Manager 2007, the hardware inventory scan might fail to run on the upgraded client computer. Entries similar to the following appear in InventoryAgent.log on the client computer:

Unknown error encountered processing an instance of class CCM_System: 80041013

Collection: Failed to process mandatory data item for class: CCM_System. Cycle abandoned !!   InventoryAgent

Failed to process instances of CCM_System: 80004005


Restart the client computer.

Configuration Manager Client Icon Does Not Appear in Control Panel for Computers with 64-Bit Operating Systems

The Configuration Manager 2007 client is a 32-bit application, and so does not immediately display in the 64-bit computer's Control Panel.


From Control Panel, click View 32-bit Control Panel Items to display the Configuration Manager 2007 client.

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