Topic last updated—March 2008

This section provides troubleshooting information to help you resolve issues encountered when viewing Asset Intelligence reports.

Some Asset Intelligence reports do not contain data

If the Asset Intelligence hardware inventory reporting classes are not enabled, reports based on those classes will not contain data.


Review the hardware inventory reporting classes that Asset Intelligence reports rely on, and determine which hardware inventory reporting classes to enable. For more information about hardware inventory reporting classes used by Asset Intelligence, see Hardware Inventory Reporting Classes Required for Asset Intelligence Reports. For more information about how to enable hardware inventory reporting classes for Asset Intelligence in Configuration Manager 2007 and Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, see How to Enable Asset Intelligence.

Enabling Asset Intelligence reporting classes will increase computer resource usage during Configuration Manager client hardware inventory. To prevent unnecessary client computer resource usage, you should verify that only the reporting classes required to support the Asset Intelligence reports needed are selected.

Asset Intelligence Client Access License (CAL) reports do not contain data

When viewing Asset Intelligence CAL license reports, some information might be missing. In addition to enabling the required Configuration Manager 2007 Configuration.mof hardware configuration inventory file, the security event log settings of client computers must also be configured to log success logon events. For more information about Asset Intelligence CAL reports, see About Client Access License Reports.

Asset Intelligence CAL reports display only CAL information for Configuration Manager 2007 client computers running Windows Server or Exchange Server and will display security event log data up to 90 days old.


To ensure Configuration Manager 2007 client CAL information required for Asset Intelligence reporting is collected, you must enable the required Configuration.mof hardware inventory configuration file and configure client security logs to log success logon events.

For information about the required Configuration.mof hardware inventory configuration file modifications needed, see Prerequisites for Asset Intelligence.

For information about modifying Configuration Manager 2007 client security event logs to log success logon events, see How to Enable Success Logon Event Logging.

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