Logging is enabled by default for each Configuration Manager 2007 site system computer with the reporting point site role to help troubleshoot issues related to reporting. Use the following procedure to configure logging on a site system computer with the reporting point site role.

To configure logging on a reporting point

  1. Open the Registry Editor on the site system computer with a reporting point site role.


  3. The default registry key elements are as follows:

    • Enabled=dword:00000001

    • MaxFileSize=dword: 2621440

    • TraceFilename=%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\smsreporting.log

    It is recommended that the reporting point log file be enabled. To modify the maximum log file size, increase or decrease the MaxFileSize value. To change the location for the reporting point log file, provide a new location for the TraceFilename value.

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