Topic last updated—January 2008

The Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 Asset Intelligence feature allows administrators to customize the local Asset Intelligence catalog. Using the Customize Catalog Configuration Manager console node, administrators can locally edit the information stored in the Asset Intelligence catalog.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and later.

When customizing the local Asset Intelligence catalog, administrators can create, rename, and delete custom catalog information. The software categorization information supplied by System Center Online can also be redefined to suit custom software categorization requirements.

Asset Intelligence catalog categorization information received from System Center Online is stored in the site database with read-only rights and cannot be modified or deleted. However, administrators can choose to use custom categorization data instead of the information supplied by System Center Online for existing or custom software title information. When categorization information is changed or added by administrators, the catalog information is considered user-defined. User-defined categorization information is stored in separate database tables than validated catalog information.

Asset Intelligence catalog updates can only be made at the highest site in the hierarchy that Asset Intelligence has been enabled. Editing or creating new objects for replicated Asset Intelligence catalog information at child sites is not supported.

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