Use the Set Root CA Certificates dialog box that is displayed when you click Specify Root CA Certificates on the Configuration Manager 2007 Site Properties: Site Mode tab to import, view, and delete root certification authority certificates for operating system deployment clients when the site is configured for native mode.

The Set Root CA Certificates dialog box contains the following elements:

Root CA Certificates

Displays the root certification authority (CA) certificates configured for use with operating system deployment. The following options are available for managing root certification authority certificates:
  • New icon: Click to open the Open dialog box and select a file that contains an exported root authority certification certificate formatted as DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER).

    Importing certificates with file formats other than DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER) are not supported with Configuration Manager 2007.
  • Properties icon: Click to open the selected certificate to view its properties.

  • Delete icon: Click to delete the selected root certification authority certificate so that it is not used by operating system deployment clients.


Saves any changes, and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves any changes, and remains in the dialog box.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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