If you are unfamiliar with creating Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 queries, it is recommended that you use an existing query as the basis for a new query. If you want to use an existing query as the basis for a new query, click Import Query Statement on the Query Properties dialog box to locate and select the existing query. The new query will inherit the properties of the existing query, which you can then modify.

Some invalid queries do not generate errors. Therefore, if a query does not return data, it might be invalid. Review the query to ensure that, for example, it is not querying a resource for a value that it does not possess.
You must have Create permission for the Query security object class to create a new query.

How to create a query

  1. Navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Queries.

  2. Right-click Queries, point to New, and then click Query.

  3. Complete the settings in the General dialog box, and then click Edit Query Statement.

  4. In the Query Statement Properties dialog box, complete the settings on the following tabs:

  5. Use the General tab to specify the attributes to be returned in the results of the query, the order in which the attribute results are presented within columns, and how they are sorted.

  6. Use the Criteria tab to refine query criteria and limit the results that are returned.

  7. Use the Joins tab to combine data from two different attribute classes or to modify an existing join operation. Joins refine your query and help ensure that useful data returns.

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