You can define custom per-computer variables for each computer in the Configuration Manager 2007 database. The maximum number of variables that can be assigned to a specific computer may not exceed 1,000. Per-computer variables do not propagate throughout the hierarchy and per-computer task sequence variables can be hidden so that they are not visible in logs or in the Configuration Manager console. The mask attribute cannot be cleared and must be deleted. When a computer is deleted from the Configuration Manager 2007 database, all associated task sequence variables are also deleted.

Per-computer task sequence variables have a higher precedence than per-collection task sequence variables so task sequence variables that are assigned to a specific computer will have a higher priority than variables assigned to the collection or collections where the Configuration Manager 2007 client is located.

For example: If collection A has a variable assigned to it and computer A which is a member of collection A has a conflicting variable assigned to it, the variable assigned to computer A will receive higher priority than that of the variable assigned to collection A.

Use the following procedure to create per-computer task sequence variables.

To create per-computer task sequence variables

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Collections.

  2. To assign a per-computer variable to a computer, locate and expand the collection the computer belongs to, right-click the computer, click Properties, and then click the Variables tab.

  3. To specify custom variables and their associated values, click the New icon to open the <New> Variable dialog box.

  4. In the <New> Variable dialog box, specify a name for the variable. Additionally, specify whether this variable will be visible in the Configuration Manager 2007 console.

  5. On the Value line, specify the Value that should be assigned to the variable, confirm the value specified by typing the value again on the Confirm Value line, and then click OK.

    If you have specified that the value should be hidden from the Configuration Manager 2007 console the confirm value line will not be available.

  6. In the Variables window, you can review the per-computer variables assigned to this computer.

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