You can add an existing boot image using the Select a Boot Image dialog box.

You can only add a boot image that has already been imported into Configuration Manager 2007. You can add a new boot image by right-clicking the Boot Images node and selecting Add Boot Image from the menu.

The available boot images are displayed in the Boot Images window. Select the boot image you want to add, and click OK to add the boot image.

The Select a Boot Image dialog box contains the following elements:

Name Description

Image ID

Displays the image identification number associated with the selected boot image.


Displays the architecture of the selected boot image. The architecture of the selected boot image must match the boot image on the target computer or the operating system deployment will fail.


Displays the comment associated with the boot image. You can add an optional comment when you import a boot image, or by right-clicking an existing boot image and selecting the General tab and adding a comment.

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