Use the Capture Network Settings task sequence step to capture Microsoft network settings from the computer running the task sequence. The settings are saved in task sequence variables that will override the default settings you configure on the Apply Network Settings task sequence step.

The Capture Network Settings task sequence action runs only in a standard operating system and will not run in the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE). For information about task sequence variables for the Capture Network Settings task sequence action, see Capture Network Settings Task Sequence Action Variables.

Name Description


Specifies a short user-defined name that describes the action taken in this step.


Provides more detailed information about the action taken in this step.

Migrate domain and workgroup membership

Captures the target computer's domain and workgroup membership information.

Migrate network adapter configuration

Captures the target computer's network adapter configuration. The captured information includes the global network settings, the number of adapters, and the network settings associated with each adapter. These settings include settings associated with DNS, WINS, IP, and port filters.

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