Use this dialog box to add or update file path information used by the software inventory.


Displays the path name or path variable for the selected file.
All client hard disks

Indicates that Configuration Manager searches for the selected file name, partial file name, or file extension on all client hard disks.
Variable or path name

Enables use of the Location field to search for files in a specified folder.

When available, enter a full or variable path name, such as %windir% or C:\<folder>. You can also use the '?' and '*' wildcards in the last part of the path, such as C:\<folder>*.
Search subdirectories

Select to allow Configuration Manager to search subdirectories under Location. This field is available when Variable or path name is selected.
It is possible to prevent computer clients from being inventoried by software inventory. For more information about excluding files from software inventory, see How to Exclude Folders From Software Inventory.

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