The Locate Driver page in the Configuration Manager 2007 Import Driver Wizard allows you to specify whether you want to import a specific driver or all drivers contained in the specified directory. You should not copy more then one driver into the same directory or all device drivers will be installed.

This page contains the elements as described in the following table.

Name Description


Specifies the source location for a device driver.

Source Folder

Specifies the source directory for a group of device drivers.

Import all drivers in the following network path (UNC)

Allows you to import all of the device drivers from a specific folder. Enter the UNC path to the folder or click Browse to find the folder on the network.

To import a subset of device drivers from a large directory, you can create a new subdirectory, share the new subdirectory, and copy the desired driver into the newly created directory. Each driver should be in an individual subdirectory.

Import a specific driver by specifying the network path (UNC) to its .inf or txtsetup.oem file.

Allows you to specify the UNC path to an .inf file or a txtsetup.oem file. Enter the UNC path to the folder or click Browse to specify a folder on the network.


Goes to the next page of the wizard.


Goes to the Summary page of the wizard.


Discards the settings and exits the wizard.

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