The Configuration Manager 2007 Computer Client Agent Properties dialog box allows you to configure settings that client computers use to communicate with Configuration Manager 2007 site systems, notification options for users of client computers and the behavior of client computers which require a restart.

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Computer Client Agent Properties: General Tab

Specifies the network access account that can be used by client computers when an advertised program requires access to network resources. You can also specify the polling interval that client computers should use when checking for new policy from the Configuration Manager 2007 site.
Computer Client Agent Properties: Customization Tab

Specifies the text displayed to the users of client computers when deploying software packages, software updates or operating systems.
Computer Client Agent: Reminders Tab

Specifies the reminder behavior for deadlines and mandatory assignment schedules.
Computer Client Agent: BITS Tab

Specifies bandwidth throttling settings to control network traffic between client computers and Configuration Manager 2007 site systems.
Computer Client Agent Properties: Restart Tab

Specifies site-wide notification settings to be used when a program requires the client computer to restart.

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