Use the Download Updates Wizard in Configuration Manager 2007 to download and copy the software updates to the deployment package folder on the distribution points configured for the package. It allows administrators to prepare, or provision, the distribution points with the software updates source files prior to deploying them.

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In This Section

Download Updates Wizard: Deployment Package Page

Specifies the package that will be used to host the software updates in the deployment.
Download Updates Wizard: Distribution Points Page

Specifies the distribution points used to host the software update files defined in the deployment.
Download Updates Wizard: Data Access Page

Specifies how users can access distribution points to retrieve the files contained in the deployment package.
Add Distribution Points Dialog Box

Specifies the distribution points that are available to be added to the deployment package.
Download Updates Wizard: Distribution Settings Page

Specify the sending priority and preferred sender for the deployment package when it is sent to child sites and the content settings for branch distribution points.
Download Updates Wizard: Download Location Page

Specifies whether the software updates in the deployment package should be downloaded from the Internet location specified in the vendor catalog or to use local copies of the software updates
Download Updates Wizard: Language Selection Page

Specifies the languages that are downloaded for the software updates in the deployment.
Wizard - Summary Page

Provides a summary of the packaging properties.
Wizard - Progress Page

Provides the progress for the packaging creation.
Wizard - Completing the Wizard Page

Provides a summary of the created packaging properties or a list of issues that occurred during packaging creation.

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