Use the Updates tab in the Configuration Manager 2007 Configuration Manager Properties dialog box to specify whether there is a configured schedule for installing software updates that are required on this computer. When this setting is not enabled, mandatory software updates will be installed at the deadline date and time scheduled by the Configuration Manager administrator or manually installed prior to the deadline.

When this setting is enabled, it allows you to schedule software update installation at a time that is convenient (for example, every day at 2 AM). Some software updates might require a computer restart for the installation to complete.

The Updates tab contains the following elements:

Install required updates on a schedule

Specifies whether required software updates that have been deployed to this client computer will install on a specified schedule. When it is enabled, you can specify a recurrence pattern of every day or a specific day of the week and a specific time.

Saves the changes, and exits the dialog box.

Exists the changes, and remains in the dialog box.

Saves the changes, and remains in the dialog box.

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