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The following checklist provides the steps required to migrate a Configuration Manager 2007 mixed mode site to native mode.

Step Reference

Confirm the decision to configure the site for native mode.

Choose between Native Mode and Mixed Mode

Confirm the site meets all the native mode prerequisites.

Prerequisites for Native Mode

Confirm all the public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates are in place.

Administrator Checklist: Deploying the PKI Requirements for Native Mode

How to Determine Whether Client Computers Are Ready for Native Mode

If the policy polling interval on the computer client agent properties is configured for a value higher than the default of 60 minutes, consider reducing this value.

Although this increases the network traffic, the benefit is client computers can more quickly learn about the new site mode communication.

If you reduce the polling interval, do not configure it for less than 60 minutes. Configuring it for less than 60 minutes has no benefit in terms of clients automatically switching to native mode.

Configure Your Client Agents

Optional but recommended: Create a custom Web site.

Determine If You Will Use a Custom Web Site

How to Configure Custom Web Sites for Configuration Manager Sites

How to Configure a Configuration Manager Site to Use a Custom Web Site

Ensure you have configured both HTTP and HTTPS ports for client requests.

How to Configure Request Ports for the Configuration Manager Client

Optional but recommended: Ensure that you have a fallback status point for the site, and assign clients to it.

Determine If You Should Install a Fallback Status Point for Configuration Manager Clients

How to Create a Fallback Status Point in Configuration Manager

How to Assign the Fallback Status Point to Configuration Manager Client Computers

If you are using a network load balancing management point, you will probably need a server locator point for the hierarchy because clients will no longer be able to locate their management point by using WINS.

Determine If You Need a Server Locator Point for Configuration Manager Clients

How to Create a Server Locator Point in Configuration Manager

If Active Directory Domain Services is not extended with Configuration Manager 2007 schema extensions, or the site contains clients from workgroups or another Active Directory forest, reinstall these clients with a command-line option to operate in native mode.

You might need additional options for the following:

  • CRL checking.

  • Allow HTTP communication for roaming and site assignment.

  • Nondefault certificate store.

  • Certificate selection criteria.

  • Behavior if more than one certificate is found.

  • Fallback status point.

  • Site server signing certificate.

Extending the Active Directory Schema for Configuration Manager

About Configuration Manager Client Installation Properties

If you have mobile client devices assigned to the site, these clients must be reinstalled with settings for native mode.

Configuring Mobile Device Management

Open the Configuration Manager console in the primary site you are migrating to native mode, select native mode as the site property, and then select the site server signing certificate or enter the thumbprint.

How to Configure the Site Server with its Site Server Signing Certificate

If you are using the operating system deployment feature, import root CAs for clients.

How to Specify the Root Certification Authority Certificates for Operating System Deployment Clients

If you are publishing the site to Active Directory Domain Services, or will use client push as a client installation method, configure the following options, if required:

  • CRL checking.

  • Allow HTTP communication for roaming and site assignment.

  • Nondefault certificate store.

  • Certificate selection criteria.

  • Behavior if more than one certificate is found.

How to Enable or Disable Certificate Revocation Checking (CRL) on Clients

How to Configure HTTP Communication for Roaming and Site Assignment

How to Specify the Client Certificate Store

How to Specify the Client Certificate Selection Criteria

Verify that native mode migration is complete for the site.

How to Verify Native Mode Migration Is Complete

Verify that clients have migrated to native mode.

How to Monitor Changes in Configuration Manager Client Site Modes

How to Determine the Site Mode for a Configuration Manager Client

Identify and resolve certificate issues with unmanaged clients.

How to Identify Client Certificate Issues in Native Mode

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