Use this procedure to create bootable media that can be used to run a task sequence on a new computer. The media types you can create are CD, DVD or USB media. Task sequence bootable media can only be used in the site where the media was created. This will ensure that packages referenced by the task sequence are available to the task sequence.

Use the following procedure to create task sequence bootable media:

How to Create Task Sequence Bootable Media

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Operating System Deployment / Task Sequences.

  2. To launch the Task Sequence Media wizard, select the Actions menu and then select Create Task Sequence Media. Alternatively, you can click Create Task Sequence Media in the Actions pane.

  3. On the Select Media Type page, select Bootable Media and click Next.

  4. On the Media Type page specify the type of media you want to use with the cooperating system deployment. You can specify CD, DVD, or a USB flash drive as the type of media.

  5. Specify the name of the media file that you are creating on the Media file line. The media file is where Configuration Manager 2007 will save the files to. If multiple pieces of media are required Configuration Manager 2007 will add a sequence number to each piece of required media. If you are using USB media, specify the Drive letter that should be used to save the files using the drop down.

    If you are initiating a task sequence using USB media you must leave the USB media attached until you have successfully started the full operating system.
  6. On the Security page, you can specify a password to protect the media or require that the media request a self-signed certificate. You can import an existing certificate by selecting Import Certificate and clicking the Browse button to locate the certificate you want to use. You should always assign a password or request a certificate to protect the bootable media and your Configuration Manager 2007 site.

  7. Specify the boot image that will run from the boot media on the Boot Image page. The media you specify will be used to boot the new computer, therefore the boot image specified must be of the appropriate architecture (x86, x64) and include the appropriate device drivers for the target computer. To view distribution points from child sites, select the Show distribution points from child sites check box.

  8. On the Confirmation page you can view the summary and click Finish to complete the wizard.

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