Topic Last Updated—August 2008

Use this tab to work in the Query Language view. You can work in the Query Language view to compose or edit a query manually by using WBEM Query Language (WQL) commands. For more information about WQL, see the Configuration Manager 2007 software development kit (SDK).

Use the Query Language view only if you have a good working knowledge of WQL. If you enter a query that is not valid (for example, one that is not syntactically correct), you will get an error message. If the query statement that you edit uses features of WQL that are not supported in design view, you cannot return to design view. However, you can still save and run the query.
Query statement

Displays the query syntax. To edit the query, press ALT+Q. As many as 4,096 characters are allowed.
Show Query Design

Click to return to design view.
If you select only a portion of a clause in a query that has multiple clauses, the Delete button is disabled. Select the entire clause.
When creating a new collection with an 'Unknown Computer' resource class, the power builder screen will not open. Instead, the query is displayed and must be edited using WQL.