When extending hardware inventory to be collected from Configuration Manager 2007 clients, the Configuration.mof file is modified to inventory computer client information leveraging a registered inventory data provider.

Providers used during Configuration Manager 2007 client hardware inventory are listed at the top of the Configuration.mof file and are registered on clients when they receive the first computer policy and compile the Configuration.mof file, as part of normal computer policy, for the first time.

Providers Used in Hardware Inventory

The following table lists the types of providers registered and used by default in Configuration Manager 2007 hardware inventory.

Provider How Used

WMI Data Provider

Used to inventory existing client WMI data class information.

Registry Property Provider

This provider is used to collect information from specific registry keys.

Registry Instance Provider

This provider is used to collect information from multiple registry keys according to a specific condition. The best use for the Registry Instance Provider is for inventorying various subkeys under one main registry key that all have similar data values that you want to inventory without creating more than one reporting class.

View Provider

This provider can be used to join multiple data classes into one class or perform simple WQL queries for inventory reporting.

Asset Intelligence Provider

This provider is used to query specific Asset Intelligence inventory information.

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