Use this task sequence condition to run a WMI query on the destination computer. This condition is evaluated as true if the WMI query returns at least one record.

The following settings can be configured for this condition:

WMI Namespace

A valid WMI namespace on the destination computer to run the query against.For example:root\cimv2
WQL Query

The WQL query that Configuration Manager 2007 will run in the specified WMI namespace on the destination computer.For example:WMI Query Select * FROM Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Caption="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" AND CSDVersion="Service Pack 2”
Test Query

If you select this option, the WQL query is evaluated on the local computer running the Configuration Manager Admin Console under the logged in user's credentials.
Running this option does not guarantee that the WQL query will run successfully or return the same set of results on every computer that it is run. The environment on each destination computer might be different than the computer you are testing on. This option checks for syntax errors. It is recommended that you use this option to evaluate WMI syntax and indicate the number of results that might be returned.

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