The General tab page displays Name, Version, and Description information for the driver package. You can also specify the associated data source and distribution settings.


Specifies a descriptive name for the driver package.

Specifies the version information for the driver package.

Allows you to optionally provide a description for the driver package.
Data Source

Specifies whether this package contains source files. The source location specified must be a UNC path to an empty directory. When a driver package is created, the driver content will be copied into the empty directory, and when a device driver is removed the content will be removed from the directory. The Configuration Manager 2007 computer account must have read/write access to the directory specified.You can also specify the schedule that will be used to update distribution points.
Data Access

Specifies where Configuration Manager 2007 stores this package on distribution points. These settings apply to all distribution points receiving the package.
Distribution Settings

Specifies the sending priority and the preferred sender to use when sending the package. You can also specify branch distribution point content update settings.

Sets Configuration Manager 2007 class and instance security for the driver package.

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